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Introduction to smart gardening

What is a smart garden?

A smart garden is a device that takes care of plants, a computer microprocessor that receives data from sensors and perform actions, like turning on lights, to offer plants what they need: water, light, nutrients, etc. Smart gardens may reefer to domestic automated gardening systems for aesthetic purposes and herbs grow.

What does an smart garden?

Gardening automation is been a thing for many years, what smart garden offers are automated control on all plants needs under any conditions on where the smart garden is meant to operate.

How different is a smart garden from gardening automation?

Smart gardens aim to cover all the needs of plants with the only inputs of energy and water. It is not about controlling one process, it’s about controlling all the routines of plants.

What is an autonomous garden?

An autonomous garden is a device that can grow plants without any human interaction since its inception. It’s a self sustainable system for plant grow with the only inputs of the atmospheric conditions on where it grows, like solar energy or atmospheric air. Autonomous garden can be build on open air or on encapsulated atmospheres.

Thinking smart gardens
Thinking smart gardens – Source

How to make smart gardens?

Smart gardens can be build with little components that can be bought with little budget, you will need the following materials.

Post image: Little smart garden looking for light for a plant – Source

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