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Best 5V arduino water pumps


Finding a reliable water pump that can work at the same voltage than Arduino not only is possible it is probably the best option for building automatic plant watering projects.

Low voltage water pumps for Arduino watering projects

Using the same 5V voltage that powers the Arduino will simplify dramatically the electric design of your automatic watering system. So, if the sizing of your project allows it, use low voltage water pumps.

Low voltage – 5V water pumps

The main advantages of this water pumps its their operating current, because it is so low they can be powered directly by the Arduino 5V outputs, making a very simple set-up that will make it easier and faster for prototyping of your automated watering system.

There are many 5V water pumps available on the market, from the cheaper to more expensive, but there are basically two options of 5V water pumps:

The cheap Arduino water pumps for prototypes:

This pumps are cheap and useful for prototyping but they wont last very long under intensive work load, so they are good for prototyping and projects that require watering from time to time and not a continuous water flow. If you plan to have a continuous water flow, go for a better one.

  • Voltage: CC 3-5 V
  • Operating current: 100-200mA
  • Load power: 0,4-1,5 W
  • Max height: 40-110 cm/15,75 “-43,4”
  • Water flow: 80-120L/H
  • Continuous working life: 500 hours

Price: 1.5$ View on Aliexpress

More reliable water pumps:

The difference between this type of pumps and the ones seen above is the expected working life, this models can last quite a long time, and they can run continuously without getting burned, so this is a good choose for an hydroponic watering system made with Arduino.

  • Voltage: DC 5 V
  • Operating current: 300mA
  • Load power: 0,4-1,5 W
  • Max height: 60 cm/20,75″
  • Water flow: 200L/H
  • Continuous working life: 20,000 hours

Price: 4.5-9$ View on Aliexpress

Other options for watering systems:

If this 5V Arduino water pumps do not fit your needs, you can take a look on this alternative solutions:

  • For low pressure dipping systems:
    • Peristaltic water pumps are a good and very reliable solution
  • For high pressure watering systems:
    • If your watering project needs higher pressure, 5V will just not do it, you’ll need to go for higher voltage water pumps, 12V.
  • For mist and fog watering systems:
    • This is a good solution for aereoponics watering systems that work with mist and fog. There are 5V versions of it, but most common work with 12V.

All this options are explained on the following post:

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